I consider myself a visual artist telling personal stories. Stories I have lived or seen. I transform these stories into cinematic work on the edge between fiction and reality, using video and/or photography.
Using video, I create atypical storytelling structures and presentation methods focused on the tension between viewer and artwork.
For my photographic work I use pictures from my childhood, instant film, cell phone photography, digital, analog, ...
Lately, I've been exploring playful media (toys, commercials, ...) and merging them with negatively toned memories.

- Kunstennacht Hasselt (2019)
- De Kotroute Antwerpen (2019)
- Ithaka Arts Festival (2019)
- M-idzomer (2018) 
- Ithaka Arts Festival (2018)
- VAARTfestival (2016)

- M Leuven (2018)

- Wotisart? Magazine (November, 2018)
- Average Art Magazine (November, 2018)
- I-II-III booklet (2017)

Films on display:
- OPEK Leuven (Als Ooit), 2017
- SLAC Leuven, 2017
- ClujShorts International Film Festival 2016, Romania: Official Selection
- Global Short Film Awards New York 2016
- Cinevision Film Festival 2016 Santa Fe, New Mexico
- Kreives LGTB Film Festival 2016 Vilnius, Lithuania
- Holebikort 2014 Leuven
- International Short Film Festival Thessaloniki 2014
- OUT TV (Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg and Sweden)

- Master in the Audiovisual Arts: Film (Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound Brussels)